Best of Italy Trunk Show

Join us March 20th & 21st for the Best of Italy Trunk Show featuring Corneliani.

Sophisticated and impeccable, Corneliani’s artisan approach emphasizes the values of refinement, comfort and quality through a unique selection of suits, coats, jackets, pants and shirts on which it is possible to make the adaptations and changes necessary to comply with the measurements, the physicality and the client’s own attitude.

The ability to customize the garment by choosing the fabric, color and finishes through an ever wider and more diverse range of options and combinations, reflects the experience of Corneliani.

Enjoy special pricing on all Italian vendors including: Corneliani, Zanella, Maurizio Baldassari, Gianetta, Barba, Luigi Bianchi Mantova, LBM 1911, PT01, Magnanni, Gravati.